Confetti Group has its precursor is Lanvi Paper Co.,LTD, which was established in 2001 as initially a private enterprise, specializing in distributing fine paper products.
Aim to satisfy the creativity of designers in Vietnam, Lanvi Paper has brought to this market the fresh wind by the diversified products and the dedicated customer services, which is suitable with the market trend.
In 2016, Confetti Group has been established for upgrading the company structure to adapt the business needs with the following member companies:

  • Lanvi Paper Co.,LTD
  • Thuan An Paper Co.,LTD
  • Lanvi Paper Co.,LTD – Hanoi Branch
  • Wings Paper Co.,LTD


Lan Vi Paper Enterprise


Lanvi Paper Co.,LTD


Build up the warehouse in Long An province


Established Thuan An Paper Co.,LTD


Established the North branch in Ha Noi City


Have new office and widen the warehouse in Long An province


Confetti Group
Member Companies

Lanvi Paper Co.,LTD

Lanvi Paper is the precursor of Confetti Group, which is one of the leading company in the fine paper market in Vietnam. Growing up from distributing tracing paper, Lanvi Paper is having the most diversified products list on the market. Nowadays, Lanvi Paper has become a well-known brand in the printing and design in Vietnam.

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Thuan An Paper Co.,LTD

Thuan An Paper Co., LTD has been established by two members who are full of experience and enthusiastic in Paper sector. Thuan An paper has been licensed on September 1st, 2010, specializing in importing and supplying fancy paper from Korea, Spanish, Japan,… with a wide range of paper, good quality and competitive price that suitable for developing packaging industry in Vietnam.

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Wings Paper Co.,LTD

Since Wings Paper established, it remarks the revival of the most well-known fine paper brand ever in Vietnam. As its orientation is a high-end distributor, the quality of the paper distributed by Wings is undisputed.

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